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Fallen Soldiers

You will never be forgotten...

This page would be dedicated to all our beloved fallen soldiers. We thank you for your service, to our country, our island, and our people. 

Sgt. Francisco Asanoma
Vietnam War 

PFC Juan Duenas Benavente
(U.S. Army) Korean War

Pvt. Francisco Castro (Army)
Korean War

Edward C. Cruz
Vietnam War

Sgt. Benny S.N. Flores
(U.S. Army)

PFC Jesus Q. Meno (U.S. Army)
Vietnam War

LCPL Roy F. Meno (U.S. Marine Corps)
Vietnam War

SP4 Victor P. San Nicolas
Vietnam War

Benny Kumiyama Sanchez
Long Beach, CA
(Formerly from Inalåhan)
Jose San Nicolas Crisostomo
1st Sergeant, Army, Afghanistan
Home Town:  Inalåhan, Guam