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San Isidro Church
Located in the district of Malojloj, this Catholic church is a more recent structure than St. Joseph’s. However, Malojloj residents take equal pride in their celebration of the Malojloj fiesta in May every year in honor of their patron saint, San Isidro.

Weekly Mass:

Tuesday – Saturday:   6:30 AM
*(except on 1st Fridays: Holy Hour: 6:00 PM, Mass: 7:00 PM)

Saturday Vigil:  5:00 PM *fulfills Sunday obligation.

Sunday Mass:  6:00 AM  &  8:00 AM

Church Rectory Phone: 828-8454
Mailing Address: HC1 Box 17083 Inalåhan 96915
Email Address: sanisidromalojloj@gmail.com
Office Hours: OPEN: Mon., Tue., Wed.- 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM; CLOSED: Thur., Fri., and Holidays.
Upcoming Fiestas:
San Isidro - May 16-17, 2020 - Saturday and Sunday
Rev. Fr. Gerardo Hernandez - Administrator

Saint Joseph Church
Inalåhan’s Catholic Church was established by the Spanish in late 1680 and has been rebuilt several times, most recently in the late 1990s. It has been the center of the village for several hundred years. The village holds two fiestas for its patron saint: one in March in honor of St. Joseph, Husband of Mary, and another in May in honor of St. Joseph, the Worker.  It is also the burial site of Father Jesus Baza Duenas, a martyr who was one of the two Chamorro priests on Guam during World War II.

Weekly Mass:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 6:00 PM*

*Thursdays upon request
Saturday: 7:15 a.m. /  Vigil: 6:00 PM**

**fulfills Sunday obligation
Sunday Mass: 7:00 AM & 9:00 AM

Holidays: To be announced

Church Rectory Phone: 828-8102
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 170022, Inalåhan Guam 96917
Email: stjoseph_guest@outlook.com
Website: www.aganaarch.org/parishes/inarajan-saint-joseph/
Upcoming Fiestas:
St. Joseph Husband of Mary - March 19, 2019 - Thursday
St Joseph the Worker - May 2-3, 2020 - Saturday and Sunday
Father Duenas July- 2020, Pending approval from Archdiocese of Agana
Rev. Fr. Joseph Anore - Administrator

Helpful Information:

Communion for the Sick: Contact Rectory - Sundays and First Friday of the month
Baptism: Contact Rectory - Monday/Wednesday 2 - 4 PM
Reconciliation: Upon request
Marriage Preparation: Contact rectory (Fr. Joseph)
Funeral: Contact Rectory - Fr. Joseph Anore
Cemetery: Contact Joe Afaisen 969-0892
Church use:  Contact Florence Taitague 828-8035/486-2356 or Danny Afaisen 828-8950/929-7589

Social Hall: Contact Danny Afaisen