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Points of Interest

Visit these popular destinations in Inalåhan on your next visit...

Saint Joseph Church is a Inalåhan’s Catholic church was established by the Spanish in late 1680 and has been rebuilt several times, most recently in the late 1990s. It has been the center of the village for several hundred years. The village holds two fiestas for its patron saint: one in March in honor of St. Joseph, Husband of Mary, and another in May in honor of St. Joseph, the Worker.
It is also the burial site of Father Jesus Baza Duenas, a martyr who was one of the two Chamorro priests on Guam during World War II

San Isidro is located in the district of Malojloj, this Catholic church is a more recent structure than St. Joseph’s. However, Malojloj residents take equal pride in their celebration of the Malojloj fiesta in May every year in honor of their patron saint, San Isidro.

Baptist Church ruins
Colorful bouganvilla cover the last remaining wall of the church which was initially constructed in the early 1900s adjacent to the Gef Pa’go Cultural Village along Inalåhan Bay. Beside it is a statue of legendary Chief Gadao erected in the late 1980s.

Gadao's Cave is located in the area of Guaifan, near the entrance to Inalåhan Bay, is a cave with ancient pictographs of stick figure people well known on Guam and often used as cultural icons. Chief Gadao was a legendary chief of Inalåhan who, according to legend, outsmarted a chief from Tumon who came to Inalåhan to challenge Gadao to contests of strength. Part of the legend tells how the two powerful chiefs rowed a canoe in opposite directions, breaking the canoe in half. A statue of Chief Gadao rowing his half of the canoe back to Inalåhan is located along the shores of the main village.

Historic homes
Some of the oldest homes in the village have been preserved using federal funds, and the Gef Pa’go Cultural Village gives a tour of the Leon Guerrero House, built in 1901, which housed the village commissioner and his sixteen children. Historic Inalajan Foundation is also working on restoring the Jose Duenas Cruz (Beck-Ping Cruz) House, and the George Flores two-story building. Guam Community College trades instructors and students are working to restore the Juan and Petrona C. Meno house remains into a blacksmith shop on the ground level and an events space above.